About Scothorn Farms

Scothorn Farms is a 5th generation family farm. In 1851 the Great Great Grandfather of the present owners moved to Hardwood Lands and started farming. After many years his 2 sons and daughter continued on with farms of their own. His grandson Alfred attended agricultural college to study agriculture. After completing college he returned home and bought a piece of property in Hardwood Lands where he began raising chickens. Later he bought 10 dairy cows. He continued to grow his farm and raise his 5 children.

In the early Sixties Alfred bought another piece of land where he had a woodlot. The local area was hit by hurricane Edna and as a result a large area of his woodlot was uprooted. The land had to be cleared. At that time he decided to replant the area in Christmas trees. Over the next few years he continued to grow both his Dairy Farm and Christmas Tree Farm. At the time his trees were sold locally or to brokers for a mere 35 cents!

In 1975, Alfred sold both businesses to his 4 sons, Reginald, Michael, Gary and Donald. Gary eventually began a chainsaw repair and sales business. He later developed this business into a tractor & farm machinery dealership. He was the previous owner of Scothorn Equipment Ltd, a New Holland dealership. Donald sold his shares of the business and moved to Pictou, Nova Scotia where he began his own dairy farm with his wife and 4 sons. Reginald Scothorn was killed in a car accident leaving Michael and Gary to continue with the farm and tractor dealership. Gary sold the tractor business in 2009 and continues to work in the farm business.

In 1980 Alfred decided that retirement was not for him and he and his wife Jean started a U-pick Christmas tree business next to the wholesale tree operation his sons were running. Fifteen years later he sold this U-pick business to his two sons.

In 2004, Michael and Gary decided that they were ready to hand over the reins of the business to the next Generation. Gary's son Jason, Donald's son Jeff and Reginald's son Paul purchased the farm.

Today we are operating a 750 herd dairy farm milking approximately 360 cows, twice a day. We grow forage and corn silage for our own herd as well as contract harvesting for neighboring farms. We also have over 95 acres of Christmas trees.