Update as of Saturday November 21:

Due to rapidly changing COVID restrictions, and to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we have decided the u-pick lot will be open by appointment only this holiday season.

We are working harder than Santa's elves to urgently implement an online appointment booking system.

Please monitor this website or our Facebook page for updates.

Please note we are expanding our hours to try to accommodate as many families as possible, and we appreciate your patience and understanding!

About our U-Pick! 

2020 U-Pick Hours

Nov 28th - Dec 20th

Alf & Jean's Scothorn Farms U-Pick

Procedures for our U-Pick


Appointment Policies & Procedures:
  • Appointments are subject to availability, and peak times may fill up quickly. No additional appointment times will be added for any reason.
  • Appointments are for 60 minutes only. You must enter and exit within your 60 minute time slot.
  • Extra time will not be granted for late arrivals. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late you will be turned away.
  • Please arrive at the gate 5-10 minutes early, to check in.
  • Please head toward the cabin with your tree(s) at least 10 minutes prior to the end of your time slot, to allow time for payment and baling/tie-down.
  • Only 1 vehicle is allowed per time slot, containing up to as many passengers as there are legal seatbelts.
  • Parties with multiple vehicles must book separate appointments for each vehicle, subject to availability.
  • After payment and tie-down, please exit the lot promptly when you are finished.
COVID-19 Safety Policies & Procedures:
  • At the gate, all adults will be required to verbally consent to our COVID-19 waiver (a sample can be found here). Guardians must consent for minors within the vehicle.
  • Wagon rides and hot cider will not be available this season.
  • Please bring a saw or chainsaw if you have one. A limited number of sanitized saws will be available to borrow.
  • Please wear a mask when interacting with staff, at the gate or when paying.
  • Masks are not required in the tree lot, but groups must physically distance from other groups.
Cancellation Policy
  • If you can not make your scheduled appointment, please follow the link in the confirmation email to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.
  • We have a limited number of bookings each day, and very high demand. If you don't show up for a scheduled appointment during peak times you may be denied future entry.
Other U-Pick Information
  • Complimentary baling is available
  • We accept payment in cash only.
  • Please keep in mind that we are located several kilometers from the main road, in the woods, without electricity.
  • Our lot is not lit so we must close by dusk.
  • Please dress appropriately to possibly walk through snow and/or light mud.
  • We have an outhouse on site but no public running water for hand washing. Hand sanitizer will be available.
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**HST included in all prices
Height Price
5' $25.00
6' $30.00
7' $35.00
8' $40.00
9' $50.00
10' $70.00
11' $80.00
12' $100.00

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How to keep your tree fresh

Here's how to maintain your tree's fragrance and prevent mass needle fallout:
  1. When you buy your tree, have an inch cut off the base to make it easier for the tree to take in water. Be sure the cut is straight so the tree will stand up properly.
  2. If you don't plan to put the tree up right away, place the tree in a bucket of warm water and stand it in an unheated garage or porch away from the wind and cold.
  3. When you bring your tree inside, use a stand that holds at least one gallon of water.
  4. Keep your tree well-watered. Water prevents the needles from drying and dropping off and maintains the fragrance. Trees may use several quarts a day, so check the water level in the stand every few hours.
  5. Never let the water level fall below the base of the tree or the cut end may seal over, preventing further water intake. If this happens, take the tree down and make a fresh cut.
  6. Don't add anything to the water. Though some people swear that throwing in such extras such as aspirin, soda water, bleach, salt, sugar, or Karo syrup helps keep trees fresh for longer, the experts say plain water, and plenty of it, is best.
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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

  1. Provide a stable tree stand that holds the tree securely, and is large enough to prevent tipping.
  2. Do not block or obscure any part of an exit or hallway.
  3. Avoid heat sources and keep exposure to direct sunlight to a minimum.
  4. Stabilize your tree by tying it to the floor, a wall, or ceiling support.
  5. Check your tree daily, first thing in the morning, for dryness. If it is too dry it can be a fire hazard.
  6. When using electric lighting on Christmas trees, use low energy lights (miniature lights) that are CSA approved and in good repair.
    Note: Ensure that the lights are turned off when the area is vacant. Furthermore, the lights should be unplugged before retiring for the night or leaving the premises.
  7. Locate a fire extinguisher near your tree for additional safety.
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How to recycle your tree

As well as putting your tree at the roadside for the local community recycling program, you can also try one of the following uses.

It's good for the environment... so, it's good for you too!

  • Use your tree as a backyard bird feeder... hang suet balls and popcorn/cranberry strands from the branches.
  • Cut into small pieces and use for mulch around your shrubs.
  • In Nova Scotia, trees are often used to protect sand dunes from erosion.
  • Use THIS year's tree, cut into small chunks and pieces, to start next year's FIRST holiday fire.
  • Leave your wreath up to turn a lovely shade of auburn and then...
    • use the needles in a fragrant sachet.
    • Cut up and put in your compost pile
  • Use the tree as a bean (or pea) support pole. Sharpen the trunk and drive it into the ground - by summertime your tree will be covered with growing bean or pea vines and it will be "alive" again.
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